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  1. We only use English pork either free range or outdoor reared farm assured
  2. Our hog roast cookers are visually superior. You are able to watch cooking process through the protective glass screen.
  3. We use experienced staff to cook and carve your roast and the hog is temperature probed to ensure it is properly cooked.
  4. We can tailor your hog roast party to suit your particular requirements.
  5. Our hog roast will satisfy the most discerning gourmet among your guests and the compliments will follow for weeks after your event.
  6. 50kg hog will feed 65-70 plated or 80-120 in rolls.

     NB: We can increase or decrease amounts by using primal cuts.
     Hog Roast Package Includes:
     The spit hire, gas, chef , gazebo, disposable plates,  napkins, apple sauce , Rolls or French bread.      Delivery and collection can all be arranged.
     We can also supply Marquees, Tables and Chairs, Buffet, licensed bar and disco if required, Please      contact 07950781277 for further details.

Option 1
Hire of machine only, with gas and you clean the machine - £150

Option 2
Hire of machine with Gas and a 50kg assured Free Range English Pig supplied - £300

Option 3
Hire of machine with gas and a 50kg assured Free Range English Pig and we cook pig for you - £400

Option 4
All the above and with this option  we will carve the whole pig and supply Fresh crusty rolls or baps with all sauces, paper plates and napkins - £500

Extra joints of pork, lamb or beef can be provided as you require with additional buffet.
All Marquees,tables,  chairs, carpets, Licensed bar and Disco also available to make your celebration that extra special.