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We are now able to supply Equine, Dog and Cat wormers. The wormers you buy must be for your Equine, Dogs and Cats only.

Resale of the wormers is forbidden and not allowed by law.

We are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Please click below for the type of wormer you require.

Equine   Dog   Cat


Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet is a pale yellow flavoured tablet containing 50 mg praziquantel, 144 mg pyrantel embonate and 150 mg febantel.


For the control of gastrointestinal tapeworms and roundworms in dogs and puppies.

Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina (adult and late immature forms).

Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum (adults).

Trichuris vulpis (adults).

Echinococcus species, Taenia species, Dipylidium caninum (adults and immature forms).


Dosage and administration

The recommended dose rates are: 15 mg/kg bodyweight febantel, 14.4 mg/kg pyrantel and 5 mg/kg praziquantel. This is equivalent to:
1 Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet per 10 kg (22 lbs) bodyweight;
1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet per 35 kg (77 lbs) bodyweight.

Dosage Guide

Puppies and small dogs

½– 2 kg bodyweight = ¼ Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet
2–5 kg bodyweight = ½ Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet
6–10 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet

Medium dogs

11–15 kg bodyweight = 1½ Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet
16–20 kg bodyweight = 2 Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet
21–25 kg bodyweight = 2½ Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet
26–30 kg bodyweight = 3 Drontal Plus Flavour Tablet

Large dogs

31 - 35 kg bodyweight = 1 tablet Drontal Plus XL
36 - 40 kg bodyweigh t= 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus ½ tablet Drontal Plus Flavour
41 - 45 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus 1 tablet Drontal Plus Flavour
46 - 50 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus 1½ tablets Drontal Plus Flavour
51 - 55 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus 2 tablets Drontal Plus Flavour
56 - 60 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus 2½ tablet Drontal Plus
61 - 65 kg bodyweight = 1 Drontal Plus XL Tablet plus 3 tablets Drontal Plus Flavour
66 - 70 kg bodyweight = 2 Drontal Plus XL Tablets

For oral administration, the tablets can be given directly to the dog or disguised in food. No starvation is needed before or after treatment.

For routine treatment a single dose is recommended.

Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Thereafter they should be treated at 3 month intervals. It is advisable to treat the bitch at the same time as the puppies.

Drontal Puppy Suspension may prove a more convenient product in puppies and young dogs up to one year of age where treatment is required for roundworms only.

For the control of Toxocara, nursing bitches should be dosed 2 weeks after giving birth and every two weeks until weaning.

For routine control adult dogs should be treated every 3 months. For routine treatment a single dose is recommended. In the event of heavy roundworm infestation a repeat dose should be given after 14 days.


PML - Pharmacy and Merchants List
These products, as well as being available from vets and pharmacists, can also be supplied to keepers of animals by agricultural merchants whose premises are registered and where the sale is authorised by a suitably qualified person.

Price List

Dog Wormer

Drontal Plus (1 per 10kg body weight)
2 - 6 £2.25
8 - 100 £2.00
100+ £1.75

XL (1 per 35kg body weight)
2 - 10 £6.50
10+ £6.10

Drontal Pup Suspension
50ml £9.60
100ml £16.50

Panacur 10% Suspension
100ml £14.00
500ml £35.00
1l £65.00

Postage Free

Please make cheques/Postal orders payable to C Cole.

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